Tonight, for dinner

A lot of the places downtown seem to have limited hours; why not explore a little more of the St. Louis area? (Okay, that sounded super-cheesy. Sorry.)

Get on the Metrolink going west (exit the convention center and go left on 7th St. to the escalator down to the tunnel. Get off at the Richmond Heights stop and wander across the street to the St. Louis Galleria mall. Before you even cross the street there's Maggiano's Little Italy and a P.F. Chang's, if you're in the mood for predictable, and a little local Chinese place called Yen Ching, on Brentwood Blvd. In the mall there's a Bread Co., Fuzio Universal Pasta (my personal favorite Galleria restaurant) and the food court downstairs.

St. Louis loves you all! (Jesus does too.)

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