It's fishbowl time!

Best question that came into the Wednesday night fishbowl (the fishbowl's for questions that don't fit that night's topic but that people have to know):

Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?

(Anyone want to take a stab at that one before Wednesday?)


Anonymous said...

Really, it's kind of a matter of "in the right place at the right time". Leonardo was a spectacular painter in his time, one of a relative few. Nowadays, you have probably hundreds of thousands or millions of kids graduating from art schools all around the world. That doesn't mean they're any good, necessarily, but in combination with the much greater population, it increases the number of good painters in the world and, thus, the competition is much fiercer. For every piece of contemporary work recognized as genius or wonderful, there are hundreds of roughly equal quality that will never be known. (And thousands that are just plain horrible.)

Of course, perhaps the most appropriate response is, "why not?"

Ceci said...

I've always thought it was partially because of the "right place, right time" theory, but also partially because she doesn't necessarily look happy. Most of the other portraits I've seen have the person looking happy. Mona Lisa seems... I don't know, cynical, sad, happy, knowing... all sorts of things depending on what mood I feel when I look at her.