Skittles: Steal the Rainbow

From MSNBC, this story:

"A man caught removing tires from a truck
has been charged with stealing the tractor-
trailer containing $250,000 worth of Skittles,
police said."

The most odd part of this story is that the Skittles in the stolen trailer were worth $250,000. The tires and rims he was trying to remove and sell were worth $500. I suspect there's a metaphor there, useful for youth Gospel messages.


Anonymous said...

"Steal only what you can carry"? :P

I think it's amusing that stealing tires from a vehicle implies - at least within the context of the U.S. justice system - that you were stealing the entire vehicle and its contents. I've actually never heard of this before -- is disabling something through theft of a part somehow legally considered stealing the object as a whole?

Arellanova said...

Maybe he was diabetic?

Isaac, The Rookie said...

It may also be that he had in fact stolen the whole trailer (the story's a little unclear) and was removing the wheels for the express purpose of selling them when he was caught...