The N.Y. Times today carries a story about the election of a new president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

"GREENSBORO, N.C., June 13 — The 16 million Southern Baptists in the United States have a new president, elected on Tuesday in a surprise victory that he called a turning point for a church that needs to engage more of its members."

The new guy's name is Frank S. Page, and of his plans for his denomination, he said: "Too long Baptists have been known for what we are against. Please let us tell you what we are for."

Please join me in praying in support of Mr. Page as he begins his time in office.


maggen said...

belated comment from a few posts back... I read your suggestions for ways to work God into our lives. And I turned the radio on my car off. I spent quite a bit of time in years past driving a car without a radio, and had since forgotten how good the quiet can be. Thanks.

Isaac, The Rookie said...

Isn't that neat? When I first heard Fr. Wheeler talk about that one, I thought it would make the drive seem so much longer, but it just becomes a very natural quiet time. I even notice more of what I'm driving past.